(review) Belvedere – Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense (Thousand Islands Records/Lockjaw Records)


Canadian veterans Belvedere are back with new record helped by Thousand Islands Records and Lockjaw Records. This new effort offers thirteen songs of breakneck speed melodic punk hardcore with lots of technicality, yet at the same time retaining anthemic and melodic approach and appeal. The musicianship is fantastic, songwriting is by far one of the best in band´s long time career. Songs like Elephant March or Camera Obscura are bound to be your favorites for a long time. Steve´s vocals are better than ever and guitar solos, harmonies, catchy hooks and metal and hardcore influenced breaks and slower parts are superb, returning as again to beauty and basis of plain punk rock. Lyrics deal with topics that everyone can connect to. Song called Comrade featuring guest performance by Roger Lima from Less Than Jake is also one of my favorites on this one. Memento Mori features guest appearance by Dylan Toews from Wolfrik, also Rody Walker from Protest The Hero appears on Automate and these are really stellar guests on this record. But, Belvedere are real stars of this record. And it shines brighter than ever.