(review) Misgivings – Dream Neighbour (Lockjaw Records)

LJDIG205 Misgivings - Dream Neighbour Artwork

Misgivings are in no way strangers to the pages of this zine, I reviewed their debut record couple of years ago. Now it is time for their sophomore release with Lockjaw Records. Misgivings are celebrating their tenth birthday and what better way to celebrate it than with releasing new album and also documentary about studio time, featuring interviews with the band. This new one contains ten songs and I can safely say that band evolved further in songwriting making this one even stronger than debut album. What do we get here? Melodic, heartfelt and emotional punk rock with superb vocal melodies, guitar work, backing vocal harmonies and smart and beautiful lyrics which address mental health, endurance in today´s world, dependency and similar topics that I as a listener can totally relate to. My personal favorites on this record are Loyal Souls, Sober Forever and Token Gesture, but you must find yours. I love how this record plays with listener´s emotions, bringing joy and melancholy at the same time. Great second effort.