(review) Dental Records Compilation Vol 3


Canadian label Dental Records keeps giving great stuff to the scene and here is already third compilation of new music just waiting for you to discover it. This time, there are 13 songs by ten bands and I must admit that besides Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye all the others were total unknown to me prior to this record. I found couple of great bands to peel my ears and eyes too in the future, that being The Softer Side from Florida playing fast melodic skate punk just the way I like it. Also, The Young Rochelles from NY are my personal favorite with their Ramonescore reminding me of Teenage Bottlerocket in a way. Last Chance Marie from Canada are also great with kinda rough yet melodic punk rock delivering punch in my face how good their music is. Big Spin from Mexico are also fast and full of energy just the way I like it.

Another great compilation indeed and more great bands I discovered!