(review) For The Sake Of Heaviness:The History Of Metal Blade Records-Brian Slagel with Mark Eglinton


Metal Blade Records are one of the biggest and most important metal record labels out there. Their impact on the scene has been enormous and legions of fans and all of the fantastic releases can testify that and leave us legacy that can hardly be surpassed. But, do not get me wrong, this label still goes strong now almost fourty years since its inception and this book is the story about how Brian Slagel, lifer in metal started it all. From early eighties and first Metal Massacre compilation till today, Brian tells us story about start of label in his mother´s house, gradation to being big, nineties grunge invasion and downfall of metal retreating to rebuild and regroup across metalcore and bringing story to temporary closure in nowadays of digital download and streaming. Story is told through Brian´s eyes but also through interviews with many scene people like James Hetfield, Johann Hegg, King Diamond, Brian´s friends and associates from the label and many more. What I like about this book is that it taught me a lot. Business side of things, a bit of luck you must have and also there are lots of anecdotes in this one, making it one nice read. Above all and most important is Brian´s love for metal and lifetime devotion to the scene he helped create and much respect and love for that.

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