(review) Corr Mhóna – Abhainn (Satanath Records)

Corr Mhóna are hailing from Ireland and this is their second full length opus out with Satanath Records. This band and release really surprised me and quickly became one of my favorite listening for last two weeks. There are ten songs on this one. Music is what makes this band really special, playing mixture of epic doom metal, post black metal and melodic death metal with lots of aggression, melancholy and epic melody. There are also some classic heavy metal influences like in Banda being one of my personal favorites on this record. Atmospheric calm passages and acoustic guitar parts mix with anguished fast aggressive straight forward death metal parts only to return to epic melodic metal and back to blackened guitar work and thus creating perfect, almost mystic setting. What makes this record also special are fantastic vocals. From growls, to epic clean singing, to almost chanting, vocals are fantastic, some parts of clean singing reminded me of Emperor and their best songs, but only in clean vocal parts, this is not black metal band. This is one of my favorite releases this year so far.