(review) Artillery – X (Metal Blade)


Danish thrash metal veterans Artillery are back with a new album via Metal Blade Records. This tenth full length, thus the name offers 11 songs of nice European old school thrash metal with lots of aggression, speed yet also melodic vocal lines and some excellent melodies in guitar solo department and some catchy hooks. There is also a ballad on this one being Ghost Of Me and I like it. My personal favorites on this album are InThrash We Trust, Turn Up The Rage and The Force Of Indifference. Vocals are more clean and melodic varying from angry shouting to more melodic singing and Michael Bastholm Dahl does a great job. Musicianship is tight and this is one of the best thrash albums this year, but also two or three years back. Go listen.


International skatepunks Gibberish announce debut album /new single!

Photo Credit: Steve Gordon Lawrence Walsh

Long distance skatepunk band, Gibberish, have just announced their debut album, Strangers. The announcement comes paired with a new single release, Sanctions, featuring Chris McGrath of Much The Same/Winning Streak fame.

To say that Gibberish is a superband is an understatement – the band members range from Japan to Italy to the USA, and contains members of Lamonta, Thousand Oaks, and Jet Market! Stay tuned for more announcements of other featured artists appearing on Strangers – due August 20th via Thousand Island Records (North America) and Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK/EU). Vinyl and CDs can be pre-ordered HERE.

Sanctions is streaming everywhere and can be found right HERE!

Gibberish saw light of day in 2015, launched by 2 Japanese skatepunk nerds Yuto and Tetsuya.

The band focuses on making 90′- 00’s influenced skatepunk songs through email chain with 2 American and Italian skatepunk geeks, Kyle Olson and Alex Gavazzi.

In October 2015, the debut single Milo was released via a compilation called “We Carry the Torch”, released by Torch of Hope Records, while July 2016 marked the release of their highly acclaimed first EP “Between Timid and Timbuktu”.

In April 2020 the band was on the lineup of Manchester Punk Fest for their first ever live show, but due to COVID-19, the festival was cancelled.

Gibberish is gearing up to release their debut LP Strangers in 2021, via Thousand Islands Records.

Gibberish: Facebook | Instagram

Thousand Islands Records: Website

Japanese metalcore band Sailing Before The Wind releaseD new single – Break The Silence!


Tokyo based metalcore outfit Sailing Before The Wind released their new single “Break the Silence (Rerecorded)”.This single is a re-recording of the original track that was on their EP – A Ray Of Light.

The band has been centered around bassist and composer Bitoku Sakamoto who is the only constant member of the lineup, he is also known as a former touring bassist of Crystal Lake. This self-released single features vocalist Kneeya and guitarist Takaya both are founding members of the band to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary. The track was produced, mixed and mastered by Bitoku.

The lyrics have been rewritten around the theme of the band’s 10 years struggle to get out of Japan’s small metalcore scene. Some of the riffs and lead guitars have also been rearranged to make it more guitar oriented metalcore.

“Break the Silence (Rerecorded)” now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other online streaming platforms.

BUY/STREAM “Break the Silence (Rerecorded)”: https://linkco.re/ENp82G8d

Sailing Before The Wind Socials: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube