(book review) Do What You Want The Story Of Bad Religion – Jim Ruland and Bad Religion


I have waited for a long time to read this one and now that I have, I must say that I am satisfied with this book. Bad Religion are one of the most important punk rock bands in the world and especially in melodic punk hardcore genre and they recently celebrated 40 years in the scene. This book is an autobiography of all ups and downs, from early days till today. Depicts all line-up changes and heartbreaks, alcohol and drug abuse problems and major label controversy. Also, this book has healthy dose of anecdotes that I wanted to read about mixed with more historical contents, like the rise of Epitaph Records and all that punk rock boom in the nineties. This band was always special to me, because through their album Generator I discovered melodic punk and skatepunk scene and my life hasn´t been the same since, that being my other love besides metal. This book is easy to read, it is interesting and doesn´t let up until the very end making you go play all your favorite BR records and songs over and over again celebrating this great band. I saw them play live only once in 2018 and I will definitely check them out as soon gigs and festivals start again. Until then, go get this nice book.

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