(review) Slovenians – Sinners e.p. (pogorecords)


Slovenians from Brussels, Belgium are in no way strangers to the pages of this zine, because I reviewed their last release a while ago. Now, they have a new e.p. out and it contains four songs of unrelenting skate punk madness. Negative Influence is for me the best song on this e.p. being fast skate punk anthem with lots of energy, harsh yet melodic vocal lines and catchy main melody. Get A Job is more garage punk influenced mid tempo more rock vibe song and it sounds interesting. Mobilehome has bass intro followed with almost sludgy song start and dirty guitar riffs sending raw punk spirit across our sound speakers to our hearts and minds. Vocals are spoken and in French on this one, varying between singing, angry reciting and whispering. Newbee In Town is again faster more straightforward punk song and my other highlight of this record. Good one.