(review) Giotopia – Trinity of Evil

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Giotopia is Belgian fantasy epic metal project and they are about to release their third full length opus. Originally being brainchild spawn of one Gio Smet, this entity accumulates many prominent musicians delivering their part in the concept saga story that is this album. The album contains 11 songs of conceptual saga of heroism, war of good against evil told through many characters and vocal lines, powerful and epic guitar riffs, epic melodies and heroic metal to make your old metal heart beating faster upon listening to these songs. Keyboard, piano and atmospheric parts are also prominent in some song structures emphasizing drama and characters of this instant classic tale. I recommend that you take time and listen to the album in its entirety because it is one story, one saga and only if you listen to the whole you will understand the grandeur and epic storytelling in this music metal tale. My personal favorites are Trinity Of Evil and Princess Of Ice, but as I said, you will be wise if you listen to the whole opus. Great one!