(review) Blitzkid – All Hallow´s Stre´em

Blitzkid were and always be on horror punk throne besides The Crimson Ghosts, The Other, BZFOS and couple of more legendary bands. But Blitzkid boys are the best for me and I was so sad when they split up in 2012 leaving throne of horror punk vacant.  Now, in 2021 Argyle Goolsby and TB Monstrosity are back with new live album recorded also as DVD for their Halloween live performance due to covid 19 restrictions.  This jewel contains 19 songs that are absolute hits but I would love to see couple of more personal favorites of mine on this record, knowing these songs that I think of were always standards in Blitz´s set list. But all the fan favorites like Starlite Decay, She Dominates, Mary And The Storm, These Walls, Love Like Blood, Hellraiser and many others are here, so we will not be sad or dissatisfied. Blitzkid we wish you a bloody warm welcome and long live the horror!!!!