(review) Various – VIII – Immortal Euphoria

Besides being great PR agency for bringing underground metal to hearts of legions of brothers and sisters out there, Metalmessage also releases music and their compilations are something to watch out for. I remember when I was a kid starting in the scene, there were tape trading days which created a network that is still active today in many ways. One of the means to discover new bands were compilation tapes and I loved listening to them and discovered new bands, sent a letter, got to know new friends, help bring bands to my area and I am active in the scene now, thirty years after that. This is already eighth part of Metalmessage compilation and this time they deliver fifteen bands from the underground and one common thread is that they are all high quality music and each of them represented here is fantastic, depending on your personal taste. Since my personal taste is somewhere in more blacker specter of scene, my favorites on this compilation are Antrisch, awesome black metal, Lovecraft inspired doom Cult Of Salem, Varus from Germany, being energetic black folk metal, but you will have to listen and find your own favorites, I am sure you will. Go check it out!