(review) KRANG – Make Arcade Great Again

I met the guys from KRANG at Punk Rock Holiday when we did an interview for this webzine and also reviewed their last record which was fantastic. This band is coming from Czech Republic and play hardcore punk, leaning enough in hardcore to be loved by hardcore kids and also they are enough melodic to be loved by fans of more melodic skatepunk side of things. I witnessed their gig at the same festival and it was an energy bomb. So, this record is finally out and I love it. There are 12 songs on this one just a little above twenty minutes time. I dare say this is the best bunch of songs provided by this band so far. Lyrics are serious, deal with injustice, situation in the world, but somehow from personal side of things to which anyone can relate to. What I also love about this band is that they grew up on same movies as I did and every one of their records has a song of couple about that. On this one is my personal favorite Marion Cobretti hehe. Besides that song, my personal highlights are Time Is Ticking, title song, Melt All The Guns and Homeless Man. Vocals are great, neither too harsh nor too snotty or mellow, just the way they should be. So, go grab this one, besides new Chaser, this is the best punk rock record this year.


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