(review) Roraima -WR

South America has beautiful and unexplored underground scene and now it is time for Roraima from Venezuela to grace the pages of this webzine. This entity has been active since 2014 and this is their third full length opus. What to expect here? This one offers 13 songs of epic, atmospheric black metal with touches of folk and post black metal here and there in the song structures. From the acoustic beginning intro of El Alma De La Montana music evolves into no compromise and no holds barred in your face black metal blast beats of Waraira Repano, being fast song with aggressive guitar work and screaming vocals yet somehow having in its core the spirit of early Ulver or similar Norge black metal from nineties and I love it, because not many bands are able to create such atmosphere nowadays. Roraima have such amazing sad melodies and melancholy bordering with free black metal spirit and take me to other dimension while listening to the record. Vocals also transform into clean and melodic singing when needed and do it great, courtesy of singer T.Rodriguez, half of this duet, second half being Geiver Camacaro. There are also some folk bm influences and post bm almost doom like vibe in La Furia De La Tormenta (Part I) with rolling drums and void and cold melodies. You will have to discover your personal favorite on this one. I know I did mine.



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