(review) Arcane Objective – You Were Always Alone

Arcane Objective is an entity hailing from Philadelphia and this opus contains 11 songs. The music of Arcane Objective can be described as industrial full of electronic use, leaning more on electronic side of things than on industrial metal side. In fact, song structures are written as industrial metal, but instead of guitars, Arcane Objective uses electronics and believe me, maybe I will sacrilege now, but I must say it sounds fantastic. Vocals are distorted sounding more like a nightmare from damaged brain than singing and I love it. This apocalyptic soundscape is perfect soundtrack to the ending of humanity taken over by machine perfection and consistency, removing all false humanity and flesh aside. Recommended songs: Panic, Salvation.


(review) Blaze Bayley – War Within Me

I have nothing but utmost respect and love for Blaze Bayley. This man, besides creating fantastic music, two albums with Maiden and afterwards all his opus, done everything diy in his career, all the ups and downs, heartbreaks and getting ups, making him an icon and a legend larger than life. This is his new studio full length album offering 10 songs of uplifting, inimitable and epic heavy melodic metal. Blaze´s voice sounds stronger than ever and this bunch of songs are maybe best he provided in more than last ten years or maybe fifteen. Some of the lyrics are historic like great 303, some are fantasy, but best part of Blaze´s music are lyrics and songs that pick you up whenever you are shattered on the floor and feel you can´t go anymore. When depression you battle threatens to finish you off and you feel end would be your final rest. Then comes Blaze and songs like Warrior, the title track or Pull Yourself Up and you say fuck you to the world and you get up, ready to fight new battle in this never ending war called daily life. This is a superb album and hats off and much love and respect to the legend!


(fanzine review) OUT OF THE DARKNESS – #9

I saw that no 10 is already out, but I don´t have it and recently Neven sent me this no 9, so I read it from front to back, Out Of The Darkness zine being my personal favorite, best one in the region and one of the best fanzines I have ever read. Nice layout, everything made just the way I like it and it is in our Serbian/Croatian language, so people from other countries will have to use translator while reading. But, what is most important and best part of this zine is that every number manages to have such superb interesting material. What I found most interesting in this one are columns of course, I love reading them since I read first Heartattack zine back 25+years or so. There are couple of interviews and most interesting for me were talks with Doomtown Records people, The Truth and Kriva Istina. There is an interview with The Templars, Contra Records, Disease and bunch of cool reviews, music and books. This is THE BEST fanzine out there right now. So, go order your copy: