(review) El Mapache – Stay At Home e.p.


El Mapache are melodic punk/pop punk band from Fredrikstad, Norway and this is their new e.p. containing five songs. When I think of Norway I usually first think of black metal, but Norway also has great hardcore and punk scene with Anti-Lam Front, Agenda and many others coming to mind right away. I am so happy that I listened to another awesome band from Norway. The music of El Mapache can be described as melodic punk rock, mid tempo and energetic with some pop punk influences in the song structures. Vocals are really nice, epic melodies and superb backing vocal harmonies. But, to me these guys sound a lot like Misfits. Not lyrically, but musically. Opening and closing guitar of the title song reminded me of Astro Zombies by Misfits. Also Tiny Blue reminded me a lot of newer Jerry Only fronted Misfits, especially in vocals department. To be clear, this is not a bad thing, this is good thing. I really don´t mean that El Mapache copied someone, quite the contrary, songs are strong and well written and I love this release, I am really looking forward to the full length in the future. My personal favorite that I listened to over and over again is Don´t Quit Your Dayjob with such nice lyrics and melody, that made me smile with joy. Passion is the song that picks just that, passion and punk rock energy, love, scene and fantastic songwriting. Madness closes the release in nice way, this song also reminds me of Misfits, but hey maybe that is only me and my weird brain. Anyway, great record, go listen and support!

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