(review) El Sancho – Our Part in the Darkness


Music really has no boundaries, no matter how many miles we are apart from each other and El Sancho is a punk rock band from Big Island, Hawaii. They have been playing in bands since nineties and this one was formed in 2018.

This is band´s first full length album and what a great debut it is. The record contains 8 songs of pretty political punk rock, which is no wonder with that blonde madman being in control of States until recently, so El Sancho, voluntarily or involuntarily wrote and release rather political debut album. The music of El Sancho reminded me a bit of old school punk bands from UK, production wise and in style of playing, yet also of bands like Descendents and All with adding hearty melody and epic backing vocal harmonies to the song structures. Vocals are rough yet melodic and fit perfectly to the songs and my favorites like Color Blind, Holding Down The Fort and How To Kill A Zombie or title song are just fantastic songs making me listen and smile. Also, do not be mistaken by my mentioning of personal highlights, whole record is really strong and cool debut from this band. Nice one, indeed.



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