MÜ – Revenge (Modern Illusion Records)


The good people at Modern Illusion Records deliver amazing records and I am really proud for being able to support this label and they keep the scene flame burning and alight! This time, they surprised me with MÜ, band from Milwaukee/Wisconsin. Their record “Revenge” is now available in our store and limited to 50 tapes.

This record contains 6 short but sweet songs done just the way I like it, meaning old school hardcore not unlike Minor Threat and similar bands, raw with a bit of melody and shouted vocals, leaning more on punk side of things than on metal. I love all of the songs, but if I must choose some as highlights of this record, that would be Prophet, Cop Song and Life´s Game.

The music also has some of youth crew vibe in some of the songs, but also a bit chaotic hardcore added in like in weird parts of Cop Song making it very interesting to listen with sirens, bass parts, machine gun burst drums turning into raw punk hardcore. Nice one indeed!

So, go write a word or two to Chris and Modern Illusion Records crew, I am sure they will appreciate it a lot! Also, support the cause and hardcore worldwide and check out their releases, because they are worth it.


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