(review) Bent Blue – Between Your And You´re (Modern Illusion Records)


Modern Illusion is relatively young record label in the scene but they deliver superb releases. This time they delivered demo by hardcore band from San Diego, California called Bent Blue.

This demo contains five songs. While listening to the songs, it brought back two feelings in me. First, it reminded me of the early nineties when we started in the scene as young and idealistic kids, loving the early nineties hardcore sound and mourning a little for not being a bit older to experience old school youth crew feeling and vibe of the late eighties. Well the music of this band sound just like that. Like early nineties hardcore with some groove, smart songwriting, interesting solutions in parts of the songs, yet also being fast old school hardcore with melody, anthemic riffs and nice vocals. Of all the songs, my favorites are They Ask Why and Influence Me. This is a great demo, can´t wait for the full length.

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