(review) The Whiskey Bats/Die Ghost-Split


Time to listen to the split release of two bands I never listened prior to this one, namely The Whiskey Bats and Die Ghost.

You guessed it, it is horror punk and both bands are represented by two songs on the record. Die Ghost are from Minneapolis and deliver two songs called Gallows Hill and Lovers Lane . Die Ghost play a beautiful melodic mixture of street punk dirt anthems mixed with horror lyrics and dual vocal attack and I really enjoyed their distorted bass, almost apocalyptic melodies, especially on Gallows Hill, reminded me a lot of never forgotten American Werewolves in some song parts. Lovers Lane is a song for which a lyric video was made, with almost oi punk start, evolving into really beautiful anthem just made for singing along.

As for The Whiskey Bats from Pennsylvania side of the record, Bringing Back The Dead is their version of Stray Cats classic, the song sounding fresh, awesome, like horror punk classic hehe with singalong parts made to feel your night more alive with blood pumping and screams caressing your ears. Attack Of The Bleeding Brain is a great horror punk song, with almost metallic feel and sounding more angry than melodic. In all, both bands are great but Die Ghost are a bit better considering my personal taste. Support this one!



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