(review) Bike Age-Bonzo goes to quarantine


Bike Age from Stuttgart, Germany were already featured on the pages of this zine when I reviewed their full length album, now it is time for their new e.p. to grace the pages of this zine. I really wanted to check them out at Beach stage on this years Punk Rock Holiday, but this covid shit erased all festivals this year, leaving only depression for gig and festival free Summer, at least here. Goddamnit! But, back to music!  The new e.p. offers 4 songs plus awesome Ramones cover Bonzo goes to Bitburg with superb reggae/ska parts thrown in thus making it fresh and new for this classic punkrock hit. What this band plays is 90ies melodic skatepunk with no philosophy, only melodic punk with heart and soul, like all the classics I grew up on. There are some reggae parts like in cool Compassion long gone but mainly it is faster and energetic punkrock with something special. All the songs have some melancholic element in them, like being a bit sad, and I love it, this band has a really special vibe. Vocals and backing vocal harmonies are superb, musicianship tight, I would really love to check these guys out playing live soon. The e.p. is too short unfortunately, I can`t wait for the new record.



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