(review) Krešo i Kisele Kiše-Musik fur Idioten I


Time for another band from our Croatian scene to grace the pages of this zine. Krešo i Kisele Kiše from Rijeka are back with the new, hm, first half of the album hehe. The new release contains 7 songs. The music is still their recognizable trademark melodic punk mixed with ska core and skatepunk creating awesome melodic anthems just made for singing along live and their shows are fantastic, I have been to couple of them and they never let me down. What immediately comes to my mind on the first listen to the record is, somehow darker overtones in the new songs. I don˙t think they changed, there are still enough songs about drinking, joking and fun, but also about hypocrisy in the scene, selling out, trying to survive in these crazy times etc…There is also a cover of famous cult band Haustor, the band I hate, but KKK version here is fantastic. The lyrics are in Croatian but it doesn`t matter, let the music take you on the higher level. Recommended songs: Dalibor, Režimske kurve, Bože čuvaj Hrvatsku(Odoh Ja u Njemačku).


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