(review) Mal Aux Yeux-Sequestre par le futur(Gargouille Asso)


Mal Aux Yeux are coming from northern France and this is their debut album that came out with Gargouille Asso.

There are 13 songs on this record and they are all but one being sung in French, so I don`t understand what are they about, but I let the music speak for itself. The music is harsh and rhythmic complex hardcore punk, not your straightforward charging, but with smart song structures, complex guitar and drum parts, yet still being enough catchy and melodic to appeal to the fans of more melodic side of things, like my favorite song on this record En pleine rue. Faster, more aggressive parts mix with almost math core precise riffs, and angry shouted vocals, sometimes diving into melody fit just perfectly to the music like in awesome Detruire mon corps. There is an interlude almost in the middle of the record to add to the heaviness and atmosphere of the record. Good one, French hardcore punk scene is one of the best in the world.


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