(review) The Shorts-Tango e.p.(Thousand Islands Records)


Thousand Islands Records continues with releasing fantastic records and bands. This time, The Shorts from Australia deliver their brand new e.p. Punkrock trio delivers six songs of melodic, heartfelt punk with some fast skatepunk parts thrown in for good measure. I love the more faster songs like great Shady Ladies or The Drugs being one of my favorites on this record, short and sweet, but Sherlock and its midtempo is also great. The vocals are good, I love the harmonies on backing vocals, everyone who reads this zine knows how much I love harmonies, they are done perfect in awesome K Man, making great chorus, almost pop punk. Walls reminded me a bit of Nofx, early albums, being perfect midtempo energetic powerful punkrock song. The longest song on the record is a bit weird Gerard Never Made It To Brim, midtempo nice song with almost country touch I heard at the beginning, but evolving into nice interplay between vocals and backing vocals, don´t really know what the lyrics are about, but rather personal I think. The title song is also fast skatepunk anthem that need mentioning as one of the best on the record. I can`t wait for the full length.


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