(review) Off With Their Heads-Character


American punkrockers Off With Their Heads released their new one, called Character. What we get here? We get 8 shiny songs of melodic, emotional, heartfelt punkrock. This is not music for the fans of speedy and uptempo skatepunk hardcore, this is emotional pure punkrock done from heart and having recognizable, perfect voice to follow the song structures, guitar and bass lines. This material is, I don˙t know how to put it, more calm, makes me wanna smile and enjoy the sunny day and have a break from all the rebellion, punk no bullshit middle finger in the air stuff, just hold my breath and enjoy the music. Keyboard in the songs, like in Always Alone, makes the melancholic and yet happy vibe all the more in the front of listener. Also, acoustic parts, like in Take Me Away are atmosphere pure. Great record. Check this one out.


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