(movie) Diary of Diana Budisavljevic is a Croatian must see movie, never to forget!


Long time no see for some home made Croatian movie to grace the pages of this zine. I waited for this one long time to see. This movie is set into World War II time Zagreb, capitol of Croatia, then being capitol of fascist ustasha state created by Hitler and Mussolini.

Diana Budisavljevic is Austrian, who lives in Zagreb, married to known doctor of orthodox christian fate, Serb and ustasha fascist regime imprisons and kills Jewish women and children, kills people, harasses Serbs and other non Croatian people. Diana sees that and starts an organization to rescue Jewish and other children imprisoned in concentration camps, before it is too late, risking her life and lives of her helpers.

This is a true story movie, the director Dana Budisavljevic(very distant relative to the title characters) made a dark, heavy falling movie about humanity in times of darkness. The movie is a combination of feature film and documentary, because at the same time as Diana´s story, four survivors in real life tell their stories and their recollections of a childhood shattered by Holocaust and imprisonment with death and starvation. I can`t remember the last time some movie shook me so much. I was alone in my row of my hometown theatre and dared not to breathe. Alma Prica is superb as the title character, but rest of the cast is also fantastic, namely Mirjana Karanovic, Kruno Saric, Kresimir Mikic, Vili Matula and others. The story of Diana Budisavljevic was long lost and forgotten although she saved over ten thousand children during the war. The story was lost because after the war in 1945.when communist regime came, she became an enemy of the state due to her Austrian descent and the regime took from her all the files and names of the children who were saved, also pictures of nameless children and that files were never found to this day. This is a movie about real horrors of ustasha fascist servant regime, the criminals who some people nowadays try to apologize and rise again in our home country. We must never forget. We must never allow fascism, Holocaust and murder and all the hatred rise again. This movie is a warning.

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