(review) Grind-Songs of Blood and Liberation(Dedication Records)

Album - Songs of Blood and Liberation

Grind from Germany are releasing their brand new album with Dedication Records. The album contains 10 songs and it is a lesson in brutality. The music of Grind can be described as a mixture of fast and energetic hardcore punk and noise/grindcore with some melodic hook and post hardcore bit thrown in for good measure. The album is brutal, yet somehow very nice for listening especially Empthy Things, one of my highlights from the album. Vocals are superb, growled, screamed and shouted, depending on the song and fit perfectly to the picture. I would love to hear and see these guys destroy live on stage, I am sure this band kicks ass live. With songs like Liberate, Even Death May Die(another favorite of mine) or Necklaces of Death you just can`t go wrong. Members of Grind have more than twenty years experience in the extreme music scene based in Flensburg, northern Germany, so this album is definitely a proof and making them a band to watch out for and I am so lucky being able to listen to it now as it is fresh. Great album.





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