(book) Scott Ian:I´m The Man


Scott Ian is known in the metal scene as legendary guitarist of legendary Anthrax from New York, one of the big 4 thrash metal bands besides Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. Somehow, during my years of growing up, Anthrax always went under my radar, being somehow left beside and I have been listening to much more Metallica, Slayer especially and Megadeth. So, I was very interested to read partly co written autobiography, with Jon Wiederhorn as co-writer, who also did a recent book by Roger Miret from Agnostic Front as co-writer. Foreworded by Kirk Hammett from Metallica, this one is an interesting read, cover to cover. From Scott growing up as tiny Jewish boy in New York to all the peaks, heartbreaks and downs with Anthrax. parting ways with Joey Beladonna, John Bush, reunions, but what makes this book more interesting are all the anecdotes that Scott shared, legendary Billy Milano(S.O.D.) stuff, fine with late Dimebag of Pantera, some really gruesome stuff from tours, sex, drinking and above all love for extreme music that kept us all in the scene for so many years. This one is a keeper. Great read.



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