Belgian skatepunks F.O.D. released new video from the forthcoming album!


Belgian melodic punk rock outfit F.O.D. is releasing its widely anticipated fourth full album “Sleepville” on 20 March 2020.

Sleepville is a story telling album that takes its listener on a journey through time. In their announcement the band writes that they will be ignoring the boundaries of punk rock for this release. If that does not spark your imagination, I don’t know what will…


The album will be out on CD and on 12” colored vinyl (4 exclusive colors) and released through Bearded Punk Records (BE) for Europe, Wiretap Records (US) for the US and Thousand Islands Records (CAN) for Canada.

Each record will come with an actual book that has its own artwork, which contains the story of the quiet town of Sleepville and its inhabitants. For the last year it’s been quiet around the Belgian foursome, but now they’re coming back with a huge bang. To start it all off, they are planning a release party for the album on March 20 at Cinema Plaza in Lier, Belgium, together with 4 supporting acts. Keep your eyes peeled for more news about this very special release.

The band released it’s first single called ‘Thirtysomething and Counting‘ which you can watch below!

facebook F.O.D.:


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