(review) Greg Rekus-Death and Taxes


Canadian punk artist Greg Rekus is no stranger to the pages of our zine, we interviewed this fantastic artist couple of months ago. This time, we had a wonderful chance to listen and review the brand new record, out this January. The record contains 13 new songs of melody, drama, heartbreak and catharsis. I smiled, laughed, felt happiness and sadness all the while listening to this one. Not Too Late To Change is the nice song with a message and beautiful chorus. Besides standard punkrock and acoustic song structures, there is also saxophone used on this record like in beautiful Time. Greg˙s voice sounds just made for the music he creates and I personally think this new album is the crown in his work until now concerning the lyrics which everyone can relate to and catchy emotional punkrock music for the heart. One of the best songs on this record for me is Smart Ones, anthemic chorus, uptempo and clever use of sax making it my favorite. Also, Take A Stand and A Newer Hope are the songs that somehow stand out for me, that doesn˙t mean that the rest of the songs are not awesome. Go get this one!


(review) Haest-Anomie(TNSRecords)

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Haest are from Hastings, UK and they are releasing their debut full length with TNSRecords. What we get here are 14 songs of hardcore punk fun, the songs being pretty short in duration. Haest play hardcore punk in the basic underlayer, but they are mixing doom and even some sludgy elements in the song structures, so I was pleasently surprised when Unstable Picnic started slowly rolling in, with pretty dark atmosphere of the song riffs. There are more fast straightforward songs with thundering bass, great guitar and drums, but the song titles made me really smile, with titles like The Only Good Wham Is A Wham Bar, or maybe Doom & Gloom & Dio Room you just can˙t go wrong hehe. The vocals are shouted and remind a lot of eighties doom metal bands, but hey that is just only me. It would sure be fun to catch these guys live, the show is fantastic, I am sure!