(review) For I Am-Late Bloomers(Bearded Punk Records)


This is a little bit older release, but no matter, never too late for great music! I am listening to For I Am new album and I am amazed, with jaw dropped in admiration. This Belgian band played Beach stage at Punk Rock Holiday, but I missed their set unfortunately, I am so sorry for that after listening to this album. This music is melodic, highly contagious skatepunk/pop punk with fantastic vocals, courtesy of Hanne, she has one of the sweetest voices in the punkrock scene right now. This 15 songs are a lesson i how punkrock is done. From faster songs like Between Us or 1978 and fantastic P.I.G.O.T.R.Y. to slower more pop punk anthems like All About Perspectives with superb lyrics and melody, this album is hit from top to bottom. This is simple, old school melodic punk/skatepunk which we love, all of us who love more old school less technical sound with nineties vibe. Great record!



Blacked Out announces new Wasted Breath EP, reveals music video for title track!


Vancouver thrash-infused Skatepunk crew Blacked Out has announced the release of a new EP entitled “Wasted Breath”. The new offering is due out March 27 on CD and vinyl format via Thousand Islands Records, right on time for the band’s tour with legendary skatepunk unit, Belvedere.

Pre-orders will soon be available, in the meantime you can find below the video for the title track, the album artwork and tour itinerary.

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miu9ByQWieQ&feature=youtu.be

About Blacked Out:

Blending a solid mix of skate-punk and thrash, Blacked Out is what happens when four old friends get together to play music they would have been stoked on when they were teenagers.

Facebook | Thousand Islands Records



Debt Cemetary joins Thousand Islands Records, announce debut single Kindasortamaybe


Toronto skatepunk newcomers Debt Cemetary have announced that they have joined the ranks of Montreal’s Thousand Islands Records. The band led upfront by Davey Knight (Family Meeting) on vocals with current members of The Wet Bandits and Hotel Murder, is gearing up to unleash its debut single “Kindasortamaybe” on January 31st.

The single featuring Josh Riley (Family Meeting) on guest vocals, was produced by Davey Knight and recorded, edited, mixed by Zach Gerber. Mastering was handled by John Harcus. The fast skatepunk jam can be pre-saved on Spotify right HERE.


Debt Cemetary is:

Davey Knight

Davey Huzik

Eddie Knowlton

Josh Marostega

Nick MacDougall

Debt Cemetary: Facebook

Thousand Islands Records: Website