(review) USUD-As Old As The Hills


a0039804067_10A bit older release by USUD, band from Zagreb, Croatia. Although they are not so active anymore due to other obligations in life, these guys were one of the best bands in the scene with their progressive mix of melodic death metal, post metal and hardcore.

This is their newest record with material which was actually recorded a while ago, 2011.-2014. but actually mixed, mastered and released in 2019. These 7 songs show how it is done. Brutal death metal blasts mix with atmospheric parts and lots of catchy and melodic wicked guitar riffs underneath it all. I love poetic lyrics in English which are very personal, but somehow I can relate to them. What is fun, when I listened to the record every time I have listened to a song, I thought that one is the best on the album, but now, I think all of the songs are fantastic, if I must choose three that would be Possessed, Soulless and the title song. Wicked record! You can download it for free at Bandcamp, but also you can leave a dime or two or drop a word or two to the guys if you like the album, I am sure they will appreciate it.