(more good news) Demons Run Amok announced signing of Bull Brigade


Photocredit::Stefano Guidi

Demons Run Amok announced the signing of Bull Brigade

Stay tuned for more infos .
The new record will be out in March 2020.

Read on for the statement:

Today is a very special day for DRA! We´re finally able to announce the signing of one of the most loyal, dedicated and hard working Bands in the european Streetpunk and OI Scene!
We´re glad to walk the path with these fine gentlemen for a long time!
Please welcome Turins antifascist ultras Bull Brigade!

First release will be a 7“ called STRONGER THAN TIME. Expect the release in March – preorders starts soon! More releases will follow!!

NEWS! Dead Serious Welcomes Shellz


Photocredit: Marcus Ulbrich

Dead Serious Recordings announced the signing with Shellz!
For more informations read on for the label statement.

We are really stoked to announce that ‘Shellz’ joined our rooster. We will release their upcoming full length ‘No More Love Songs’ on CD/Digital on Fr March 27. Their first single “Haunted” scored 180.000 streams on Spotify while their second single “Aurora” scored 200.000 streams! Check out their video for the song ‘Haunted’ bellow!



01. Aurora (03:27)
02. Life Of A Sheep    (03:29)
03. T8ing (03:25)
04. Lone Star (03:23)
05. Two For One (03:02)
06. That`s What I Need (03:14)
07. One In A Million (02:51)
08. Haunted (03:05)
09. White Angel (03:29)
10. No More Love Songs (04:05)




(review) Vivienne-Yurei(Scatti Vorticosi)


Vivienne are hailing from Mantova, Italy and this is their new record. The title of the record means ghosts in Japanese mythology and those are souls of the deceased who can not leave this earth and join their ancestors due to sudden death or strong emotions. This record has strange mystical vibe while listening. There are six songs on this record, with lyrics in Italian language, I don`t understand them, but as I can get a little Italian, I believe the lyrics are deeply personal with the theme of life, death and exploring the afterlife. The music is punk/post hardcore, with intense bass melodies, sometimes noise influenced song structures and shouted, sometimes emotionally screamed but not ugly vocals which fit perfectly into this kind of music. The songs are pretty powerful and sounding like slow rolling thunder sometimes. Good record!