(review) Bandaid Brigade-I´m Separate


Bandaid Brigade is a new band in the scene but the you might know the members via their other bands and projects. With line-up Brian Wahlstrom(Scorpios, Gods Of Mount Olympus…), Zach Quinn(Pears), Paul Rucker(Street Dogs) and Chris Fogal(The Gamits) little could go wrong, right? Right! This is for sure one of the best albums I have listened for a long time. This is not your usual hardcore punk mayhem. These songs are punkrock in the base, but leaning more on pop, rock, mainly some 80-ies influences. I can hear a lot of Freddie Mercury in Everything, song with fantastic melody. Travel Light, song for which a video was made is more of a disco pop punk song and shows all the richness of Brian and Zach in their vocal lines, creating otherworldly experience while listening. You can hear a bit of sax in Stay Busy, but also cello and violin in the song structures, showing these guys are not afraid to break boundaries and enrich the songs, yet returning to heavy guitar duty with the superb guitar melody in Treat Me Like A Christmas Tree, then comes Losing Light, the song which I listened on repeat for many, many, times. Not to discover just all, the scene purists will not like this one, I personally love this record. I would love to see this band live, I know it would be a blast.