Bristol Booze Cruise new band announcements!



If you weren’t impressed with the insane array and diversity of bands on the festival’s first announcement… check out the second wave of bands!

Attika State – UK
Brutalligators – UK
Disaster Jacks – ES
Free Throw – USA
H_ngm_n – UK
Higley – USA
La Moxie – UK
Lone Wolf – NL
Peach Club – UK
Restorations – USA

If you missed it, the initial announcement looked like this:

Aerial Salad – UK
All Better – UK
Alright – USA
Antillectual – NL
Burnt Tapes – UK
Darko – UK
Empire Me! – DE
The Gay Agenda – USA
Good Friend – IRL
Goodbye Blue Monday – UK
Hit Like A Girl – USA
Jabber – USA
Late Bloomer – USA
March – NL / BE
The Menstrual Cramps – UK
Mikey Erg Band – USA
Moonraker – USA
Ramona – USA
The Run Up – UK
Sewer Rats – DE
Shoreline – DE
The Social Club – UK
Teenage Bubblegum – IT
Trophy Jump – HR
Pardon Us – UK
Witching Waves – UK
Tickets are on sale now here but the early bird tickets have SOLD OUT.
You can stay up to date and get more info visiting the site and following the festival socials: