(new single) The Amity Affliction released the new single and here are the tour dates!


Australia´s top modern hardcore band The Amity Affliction released the new single from the upcoming new album Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them due out on 21.02.2020. Soak Me In Bleach is somewhat different, more melodic song and hope you enjoy it like we did.


16.02. – DE – Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn – AUSVERKAUFT
17.02. – AT – Arena Wien – AUSVERKAUFT
19.02. – CH –  Solothurn – Kofmehl
20.02. – DE – Munich  – Tonhalle – AUSVERKAUFT
21.02. – DE – Oberhausen, DE – Turbinnehallen – AUSVERKAUFT
22.02. – DE – Wiesbaden, DE – Schlachthof – AUSVERKAUFT
04.03. – DE – Hamburg – Grosse Freiheit – AUSVERKAUFT
05.03. – DE – Berlin, – Huxleys
06.03. – DE – Leipzig, Taubchenthal – AUSVERKAUFT

Cutthroat-Reflekt(Demons Run Amok)


Cutthroat from Los Angeles are back with their new record out with Demons Run Amok. Relentless touring and hard work are getting to our ears because these 5 songs on this record are just fantastic. First that fell on my mind when the record started is old school Biohazard. But, then I heard all those things we loved in the 90-ies hardcore as kids, that being harsh vocals, rap parts, metalic and streetpunk guitar riffs and good lyrics you can relate to. Cutthroat deliver so energetic and at the same time electrified record that my hair stood and I got goosebumps because I felt like I returned through time, yet at the same time this is hardcore for modern kids and 21st century. I love Rat and also Never Settle, those two being my favorites on this record although all five of the songs were on repeat for long time. I can´t wait for the full length and to catch these guys play live somewhere, with songs like these this one is a keeper!