(record review) Stray From The Path-Internal Atomics(UNFD)


Long Island˙s Stray From The Path released new album with UNFD. These guys worked hard for over ten years to become a respected well known name in the modern hardcore scene and this new album is a proof of their persistence, zeal and willingness to bring their message to the crowd. The ten new songs are angry, in your face testament to the rotteness of today˙s world and problems that we need to change fast. Stray From The Path created their own sound with some obvious RATM influences but took it to the higher level with rap influenced angry shouted and screamed vocals, heavy hardcore and deep metalic riffs and political and social sensitive lyrics. This album is a great modern hardcore album with songs Second Death and Beneath The Surface being highlights for me personally, but album as a whole is a very strong record indeed!


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