(book) Život s Idijotima-book about one of the most important punk bands from our scene and a document of a time gone by.


I remember when I was a kid and went to Monte Paradiso festival in Pula for the first time ever back in 1997. I was fortunate that my band played the first day in Uljanik back then and I was so nervous because we opened the then four day event of punk hardcore in such a mythical place for me. Having grown up with punk bands from Pula such as Kud Idijoti, Fakofbolan, Frontalni udar, Think, Pasmaters and many others, I was honoured to be there, had awesome time. I always argued with my friend Lazar about which band is better Hladno Pivo or Kud Idijoti back in the days. He was always for Idijoti and my choice then was Pivo when they were still punk band, not the band they are today. Now I know I was wrong. Kud Idijoti never sold out. Kud Idijoti always kept their integrity, their ideals until the very end with singer Tusta passing away too soon!

This book is bassist Dr Fric´s reflection of the time spent in the one of the most important punk band of this region with a lot of anecdotes, stories, and can easily serve as excellent history document of punk and alternative scene of former Yugoslavia and later Croatia, with dark times of war and rising nationalism, when Kud Idijoti were a beacon of normal thought in times of thick darkness. The book is excellent in that part, but I was somehow disappointed with the ending. It ends too abruptly and without real closure, like it was cut and all those quotations of other people and contemporaries is no way to end this book. I felt somehow cheated not getting closure and the ending of the story no matter how hard and heartbreaking it could be. But, I guess Fric had reasons to write it that way. This book is inspirational, easy to read and fantastic document of the time I was in a way and still am part of. Get and read this one!

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