(review) Vi som alskade varandra sa mycket-Det onda. Det goda. Det vackra. Det fula(Zegema Beach Records)


Wow! This is a band with long name, perhaps one of the longest we had ever reviewed for this zine. The Swedes released their second album and this is Zegema Beach Records release. There are 8 songs on this record and they are all sung in Swedish language. The music of this band can be describe as atmospheric hardcore with a lot of sad melodies, screaming vocals, thus creating in me a very somber and desperate feeling while listening, but I think that was the meaning of this record, to come to some kind of catharsis of heart expressing the feelings and emotions through music. That is what hardcore was originally created, isn`t it? To express anger, rebellion, sadness, love and all other feelings that mark us as humans, being so different yet at the same time this diversity is what makes humanity cool and fantastic. The songs on this record are rather long in some parts, but they are not boring and there is not one filler on this record. Give this one a try. I love it!


(review) Uphill Struggle-A Wise Man`s Hell


Uphill Struggle are from Denmark and this is their new record. Copenhagen based band brings 6 songs of fast and melodic skatepunk. There is nothing really new or revolutionary here. But, there is one big thing. The music of this band reminds a lot of 90-ies skatepunk and all those old school Fat and Epitaph releases and that brought smile upon my face because we all love those records and grew up listening to them. So, here is not complication, no bullshit, just plain and simple old school melodic skatepunk with good vocals, great melodies and harmonies and choruses that make you hum and sing along while listening to the record. This is only six songs record, so I am eager to hear full length and maybe catch somewhere these guys play live. Recommended songs: Primary Psychopath, By Myself.


(review)Northlander-Forces Of Light(Facedown Records)


Portland, Oregon`s Northlander released a new record with Facedown Recordsand it is a real treat having it to listen and review it for our zine. This record contains 14 songs of atmospheric hardcore mixed with post punk and even noise post metal elements in some song parts. The music is melodic, yet enough aggressive to be hardcore and enough emotional to be post punk spacy emo music. The vocals vary from screamed parts to cleanly sung melodic lines and fit perfectly to the music. There are no fillers or boring parts on this record whatsoever. The music is heavy yet melodic, dreamy yet nightmarish and catchy but also complicated, hard to explain. One of the better records that I have listened to for last couple of months.