(new video) Sunset Radio have a new video out for Givin´It Up!


“Givin’It Up” is the first single taken from the upcoming EP completely self-produced by Sunset Radio  and out in March 2020 via Pan Music Production (ITA), Seahorse Studio (ITA) and Far Channel Records (JAP). The video, directed by Filippo Cinotti, was shot in the Centurione Klan gym  in Ravenna and was born from a close collaboration between the band and the World Champion of Muay Thai Sveva Melillo, the protagonist in first person of the video.

“‘Givin’It Up’ is an invitation not to give up, not to give up in the face of the worst difficulties, to grit your teeth and fight, always” says the frontman Andrea Neri “Precisely for this reasonwe turned to Sveva to take part in the video as protagonist. We have our fears and often the latter are right inside ourselves but it’s not always easy to face them. Life hits hard, throws us to the ground day after day, but the important thing is to react, get up, because ‘for every bad day you’ll have there will always be a better one ‘”.

The song – like all the EP – was recorded at Seahorse Studio in Ravenna by Fabrizio Panbarco, and mixed  by the same at Pan Music Production in Turin. Many thanks to Sveva Melillo, Stefano Naldi, Gaia Martini and all the Centurione Klan Staff.


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