(review) Not Now Mark-My Revolution(Lostdog Records)


Lostdog Records is a small diy label from Italy promoting punkrock bands and this time they released the new record by Not Now Mark. The record contains 6 songs of nice and melodic punkrock done in the vein of pop punk bands like Descendents or a little bit of Ramones too can be heard in the song structures. The vocals are nice and fit perfectly, backing vocal harmonies too. This is nothing new, nothing unheard, but it works every time for me if done properly and this record is great. The lyrics are in English and deal with everyday personal themes to which we can all relate to. This band could fit perfectly playing at Punk Rock Holiday and would do good at the Beach stage and it would be great to see and hear them play there because it is such music. The songs that I somehow liked the most on this one are Apathy, My Revolution and Stop Your Lies.