(new single) Vancouver pop punks CHIEF STATE new single Deciduous from their new forthcoming album!

Photo: Brandynn Leigh

Vancouver pop-punk five-piece Chief State has released the first single off their forthcoming album titled “Tough Love,” which will be released in early 2020.

The song was recorded in Vancouver by Tim Creviston (Spiritbox, Misery Signals, Parting Ways).

Chief State’s guitarist Nik Pang says, “Deciduous is a song about the transition in seasons from summer into fall and winter. As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, a lot of people, myself included, tend to isolate themselves and get into a really negative headspace. The song uses the metaphor of deciduous and evergreen trees to explain how some really struggle through the colder months, while others remain unchanged. As much as the song is about struggling with seasonal depression, it still keeps a relatively positive outlook, because after all, it never stays cold forever.”

Stream “Deciduous” through your preferred music service here: https://orcd.co/deciduous


(review) Ett Dödens Maskineri-Sveriges Humanitära Ruiner(Suicide Records)


Ett Dödens Maskineri from Sweden release their new record with Suicide Records. This record contains 5 songs of hardcore/crust punk done in Swedish style, meaning d-beat topped with some melodic parts in the guitar riffs. But, there are also some atmospheric mid tempo parts like in superb Dodens Maskineri which is for sure one of the best songs on this record. You can hear old school Swedish crust punk in the music of this band, but they also delivered something new and fresh to their sound making them very interesting to listen. The lyrics are in Swedish language, but as I read, they are about todays political situation, loss of humanity, loss of one self, rise of every day racism, fight to keep yourself sane in an insane world, so great themes. The vocals are shouted but sound somehow desperate and crazed so this is another plus for this band. Fantastic band, fantastic songs!