(review) The Unsinkable-Machinery


The Unsinkable from Nijmegen, Holland are in no way new to the scene, because the members used to play in bands like Facing Down, The Minority, The Assange…this band is playing since 2016.and this is their brand new e.p. This record contains 6 songs of no philosophy, no bullshit 90-ies melodic skatepunk done with conviction and skill. Hoax is the song with lyrics that most of us can relate to who are longer in the scene and love underground and punkrock. Christopher is a beautiful chorus song with great harmonies and super emotional lyrics. Ruin is a fast punk hardcore song with multiple cool vocal melodies, enough rough to be hardcore and enough melodic to pierce the heart. Change reminds of the old school Fat and Epitaph sound we love so much, sounding enough fresh not to be clone. Jeremy is a straightforward punk song with upbeat midtempo and nostalgic lyrics and it is for me one of the best songs on this e.p. Denial closes these six songs with power and very memorable and catchy basic melody riff. This is a strong record and I am looking forward to the full length.