(review) NOFUTAL-Zero De Conduite


NOFUTAL are punk band from Bastia, France and this is their new record. This new one contains 8 songs. The music of NOFUTAL can be described as melodic punk with lyrics and song titles in French so I don`t really understand what they are about, but no matter, the music is nice, melodies are sweet with great vocalist and really nicely done backing vocal harmonies like for example in Divers Avaries sounding even a bit Nofx like. There are also some pop punk influences to the songs like La Faute A La Manette, another beautiful song. Vroum-Vroum is another highlight, powerhouse of fast skatepunk hardcore that has it all, melody, drama and intensity. Not to discover just all forya, I will tell you to go listen and discover this album and this fine band, you will not regret it!