(review) SNUFF-There´s A Lot Of It About(Fat Wreck Chords)


UK punkrock veterans Snuff are back with their new record out with Fat Wreck Chords. I listened Snuff in the 90-ies when they were pretty big in this parts where I live, but somehow later lost track of them until I watched their show at Punk Rock Holiday in 2017. They were really fun to watch. The singer/drummer Duncan impressed me a lot with his playing and singing at the same time, although the music of Snuff is not your usual punkrock, they are for me more of an proggressive and avantgarde punk band utilising song structures very different from common songwriting in punkrock and that makes them unique and special. Some like it, some don˙t. The new record contains 12 songs of melody, melancholy, humour and happiness. I love Kings Of The Spanish Oi Scene, Patient Zero and Gyoza somehow being my favorites on this record. But, the rest of the material, with superb atmospheric Job And Knock is your quality prog melodic punk, so go get this new record by the UK veteran punks.

(movie) Tusta-a documentary about Kud Idijoti and struggle that never ends!


Kud Idijoti from Pula are one of punk bands that has influence on the lives of thousands. Legions of punk and, I hate this word, but I will use it, alternative kids from this region smiled, sang, drank, loved, hated and cried with their songs. Tusta and his band were voice of the generation torn by war, nationalism, hate, death and sorrow. This long awaited documentary finally arrived and played in theatre of our hometown, so it was great to be able to see it at last. The movie is in fact, in my opinion, more a documentary about the band Kud Idijoti themselves and less about Tusta, and the movie is broken in two halves. First half tells the story about the rise of the band and becoming one of the most popular bands in the ex Yugoslavia underground scene. The second half tells about the 90-ies, war and nationalism, the band´s struggle to be the voice in the darkness and because of that they became the target of the nationalist attacks, press silence, censorship and they played very few shows. Subsequently the movies tells private story of Tusta, his loves, life, work and subsequently premature death of throat cancer in 2012. This is a good movie, but there are some things that bothered me. First, former bassist Fric annoyed me a lot with his banter and too much egoism and talk about himself and his importance, the filmmakers gave him just too much space in the movie. Second, there could have been a lot more anecdotes in the movie about life and times on the road which would be great to hear. Third, there are many known and less known musicians, journalists and label owners talking in the movie, but along with their names, the filmmakers could also state who are they, what they do or similar, just write it along with their names. Fourth, I don´t like psychodelic light moments in the movie, at the end especially, if it was meant to be poetic, well it was not. But, this movie is a great documentary about us, scene and times we lived and still live. Tusta was man like all of us, with his flaws and virtues, but he influenced us to be better people, so we thank him forever for that.