(review) Face To Face-Live In A Dive(Fat Wreck Chords)


Fat Wreck Chords just released brand new Live In A Dive series album and this time it was Face To Face who recorded their live set. California melodic punk veterans recorded live and explosive greatest hits set similar to the one I watched them play at Punk Rock Holiday in 2017. This album captured all the melodic energy mixed with primal rawness of punkrock which Face To Face deliver for decades now. I love that all the live feel and talk interaction with crowd is recorded here and I still get goosebumps when I hear fans singing the songs almost louder than band plays. With hits like Bent but not broke, I won˙t say I`m sorry, Disappointed and legendary Disconnected you get more than you bargained for.



(review) Ariel View-Until My Lungs Are Cleared(Epitaph)


Ariel View released their new album for Epitaph Records. This band from South California plays interesting melodic indie mixed with pop and punkrock giving their music interesting, fresh and lovely approach. I swear that I can even hear some doo wop old school influences in some songs, like I hear for example in Pretty Flowers, one of my favorites on this album. There are 11 beautiful songs featured on this record and this band is living proof that being hard and tough is not everything in todays music scene. You can also be creative, intense, emotional, melodic and dreamy like these songs are without sacrificing beauty for brutality.  Songs like Gone, New York or the title track are sure going to make you fan of this band like they worked on me. If you love music like this, go get this one.



(review)Trash Room-Boots On The Ground


The riot girrrrl punkrock lives and is stronger than ever! Trash Room from USA have a new record out and they play merciless, energetic, full in your face raw punk. There are 8 fast and strong songs on this beauty. The songs are raw and fast, but there are some catchy melodic undertones with singer Amber doing the melody, shouting and making a difference with the fantastic voice whether more reciting or screaming, the vocals are main drive behind great guitar work. The songs make pretty dark atmosphere within the listener but it is great they do so. My favorite tracks on the album are: Hold Fast, Bare Your Teeth, Fight For It All. Cool record, so go listen and share it, support the scene!