(review) Tio Rico-Shit Show Pony(Horn & Hoof Records)


Tio Rico are from Manchester, UK and this is their debut record coming out with Horn & Hoof Records. Formed in 2014.Tio Rico released  3 singles and an e.p. This is their first full length album and it contains 11 songs. The music of Tio Rico can simply be categorized as punk. It is a kind of dirty, rawer sounding version of punk, yet keeping enough melody in verses, guitars and choruses to be called melodic punk. There are some indie and pop influences here and there with some garage punk and noise too. The vocals are raspy, raw, but sing and fit perfectly to the music. The lyrics are personal and I think all of us can relate to the themes of the songs. The songs that I somehow find the best on the album are Plastic, Mon Femme and Don´t Tell Me To Smile. This is a good debut album and I am interested to see how they will sound in the future.