(review) The Rebel Assholes-(Headed For) Dysphoria


We recently featured French punkrock veterans The Rebel Assholes on the pages of this zine when they released their great new video. Well, that video was taken from their new e.p. and here it is. There are 5 songs on this one. And if I might add, this is superb emotional punkrock with a lot of guts, grits and melody the way it was supposed to be. The songs are not fast, in fact they are more in the mid punkrock tempo reminding me of a more melodic side of Menzingers, Flatliners and Nothington respectfully. The songs that I love the most and which totally entered my ear and brain are Dysphoria, Needle In A Haystack and Heads On Pikes. This is a beautiful record done by fantastic band!


Hardcore from Moscow, 210 released new song!


Photocredit: Julie Denisova

210 are hardcore band coming from Moscow, Russia. Their new single In The Eyes Of Hungry Dogs is the first musical taste of things to come on the new record. Have a listen and see how things get done in the east. The band will soon be on the road so stay tuned for more news coming very soon! Support your scene!

Enjoy the track: https://210hxc.bandcamp.com/track/in-the-eyes-of-hungry-dogs


Atheist Rap are coming to Zagreb for album release party in Kset!


Punkrock legend from Novi Sad, ATHEIST RAP are celebrating 30 years and they will do that with great gig in Boogaloo, Zagreb on November 15.

But, prior to that and as a kind of warm up for that gig, Atheist Rap is coming to Zagreb on October 24.in club Kset as after work party at 6 pm to celebrate the release of the new split LP with Defenders Of The Universe from Germany, The new split lp contains six new songs by Atheist Rap on their side of the release with both bands covering each other in their native language. Defenders Of The Universe covered Ne bi bilo fer by Atheist Rap and that song is the first single from the upcoming record.

Both bands plan to promote the new record with concerts all over the region and wider. The record release party will be at Kset, Zagreb at 6 pm on October 24. Entrance is free and Atheist Rap will play couple of new songs and then sign the records and hang around with you. Besides merch sold there, you will be able to buy special offer, new record along with ticket for the Boogaloo gig in November.

Facebook event for the record release party: https://www.facebook.com/events/401586890731485/

Advance prices for November 15.gig at Boogaloo Zagreb are 50 kuna/65 kuna at doors if any are left. Official places where you can buy tickets: Dirty Old Shop(Tratinska 18, Zagreb), Rockmark(Berislavićeva 13, Zagreb), also online. The gig is promoted by Dostava Zvuka.