(review)Sicko-In the alternate timeline(Red Scare Industries)


Remember Seattle˙s Sicko? These guys played an important role in the 90-ies pop punk when pop punk was more punk and less pop, contrary to nowadays. Well, Red Scare Industries released nice compilation of their biggest hits from all era of the band. 19 songs of furious tempo pop punk/melodic punkrock are here for your listening pleasure. I must admit that I never listened to Sicko close when I was a kid in the 90ies but now this records suits me as well as thousands other fans to rediscover this band and their opus again. The hits like Where I Live, Believe, Kathy`s Dance and all the other are sure to win over and re-ignite your old punkrock heart like it is twenty something years ago hehe. Great record!


(record review) The Toy Dolls-Episode XIII

2019 - Episode XIII

The Toy Dolls are celebrating their 40th birthday. The UK longstanding trio are taking a massive tour to celebrate the birthday, but also to promote their brand new record. Yes, Episode XIII contains intro plus 14 songs of funny punk mayhem like we got used to from these legends throughout the years. I saw them live for the first time two years ago and remained jaw dropped by their fantastic show and this songs just prove how tight and musically talented this band is. The songs are melodic, energetic and anthemic just made for humming and singing the whole day long. Olga sounds better than ever, Tommy on bass too while Duncan Redmonds is definitely one of the best drummers in the punk scene right now. Some of the songs that I somehow liked the most on this record are Knickers Off In Mykonos, Christine`s Clothes and Until Next Time. This record is in the rank of their best releases in the four decade existence in the scene. Happy birthday Toy Dolls and here is to at least fourty more!

(new single) Oslo based punkrockers Fights released new single Five AM!


Norwegian scene is thriving and pulsing with super bands and Fights from Oslo are definitely one of them. They released new single called Five AM for you and check it out!

Listen to the single here!

FIGHTS is a punk rock band from Oslo, Norway, with influences from the good old scandirock.
With hard drumming, catchy riffs, heavy bass and screaming vocals they are determined to prove those who thinks that rock has died – wrong. The themes in their songs spans from lonely guys who gets high on asbestos and deadly flying fishes.


“Five AM” is their difficult second single. But with even harder riffs than before, and a message to all of those caring so much about everything to relax a little, – well, it might not be that difficult at all. “Five AM” is about the fact that few good things happens after midnight, but it can be healthy and good for you to get away sometimes and care less.

Sivert Moe – vocals
Markus Uttisrud – guitar
Sigve Kvitvik – bass Eirik Langva Lie – drums



(review) SLUTAVVERKNING-Arbetets Sorgmusik del II(Suicide Records)


Slutavverkning is a band with members of Dödsvarg, JH3 and Fire! Orchestra among others and these Swedes play weird yet catchy music. This is part two in the planned trilogy. The music this band plays is a weird mixture of punk and jazz with saxophone, drums, guitars and desperate screaming vocals. Add to this lyrics about working class, hardships of working man and getting abused by the bastards bosses you get interesting, fresh and dancable band with cool record. Oh yes, the lyrics are in Swedish and the band is pissed off like hell. This is by far one of the more interesting records that I have listened lately and I hope to hear more from these guys in very near future.



(review) Die A Legend-Winning(Loyal Blood Records)

KT 10".eps

Besides having black metal scene, Norway also has a strong underground hardcore punk scene. Veterans Die A Legend released their first new material in six years with Loyal Blood Records. This 10 inch contains 5 gritty hardcore punk songs. Liars is a noisy mid tempo metalized hardcore song with thundering guitars and booming bass reminding me a lot of Converge sounding a bit apocalyptic. Bloodthirst is for me one of the best songs on the record being fast, energetic straightforward hardcore punk song with moshing part for the end. Snakes is the most noisy and brutal song on the record with total booming bass and fast dirty riffs and crushing drums. Simulacrum is also fast song and another of my favorites on the mini album. Poetic titled Legends(Never Die) is the right way to close the record. Welcome back, you delivered a crushing hardcore record.


The Damned Drummer Departs After London Palladium Show

The Damned drummer “Pinch” (Andrew Pinching) announced today he is parting ways with the seminal UK punk act.
A statement from the drummer read:
After 20 years with The Damned it’s time for me to move on. Having just fulfilled a dream playing Madison Square Garden, the upcoming London Palladium show seems like an obvious stepping off point for me. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some heroes and play shows with legendary bands and amazing characters. I send my love to my band mates past and present as well as everyone in the Damned organization and wish them all the best for the future.
Up the Punks.
The Damned will perform their final show with Pinch at London Palladium on October 27th.TheDamnedMSG29small

(review) Cockroach Clan-Songs about blunt knives and deep love(Fysisk Format)


Norwegian punk scene is a new and mostly unexplored territory for me, but I discover more and more fantastic bands each day, and Cockroach Clan is one of those bands. Their record is out with Fysisk Format.

These guys and their songs date back 25 years and the vocalist of this band is none other than Messiah, who sang for Mayhem back in the days. But, let us focus on Cockroach Clan and leave past be the past. This record contains 12 songs some being new recordings of old hits as well as a handful of new tracks and a cover of Mountain Goat’s Going to Georgia. The music is hard punkrock, streetwise punk with head and tail, anthemic melodies and hymnic choruses just made to inflame your old punkrock heart. This is not some mellow pop punk emo, this is punk with balls and soul. Songs like Cockroach Fandango, On An Island or Facts On The Wall are sure to become your favorites. Super band, great record!