(review) Young Harts-Truth Fades(Eternalis Records)


Young Harts are French band releasing their new record with Eternalis Records. The music of the band is emotional, melodic punkrock with a lot of heartfelt beautiful melodies, great vocal lines, super lyrics and I am somehow really glad having listened to this one because I love how this record sounds. There are 10 songs on this full length and if I must choose some songs that I can say are highlights of this record for me, those would be Intern and Loyalty Through Time. This is not fast drumming hardcore stuff, this is upbeat or mid tempo melodic punkrock with indie influences thrown in here and there for good measure. The lyrics are personal and I think everyone can find themselves in the songs and that is the most important thing. One thing that I must emphasize concerning this band are the vocals. I really, really love the singer´s voice, sounding somehow harsh, yer emotional, melodic and not cheesy at the same time.


(review) Coma Regalia-Vau Faelgoh(Zegema Beach Records)


Coma Regalia is a nice screamo hardcore band from Lafayette, Indiana. On this record you can find 11 songs of nice screamo/hardcore punk from minds of Shawn Decker. They are known for Middle Man Records and playing in couple of bands like Never Better, Metastatic, The Longer We Stray From The Light, Plaguewalker, Hex Lariat, etc.

This material is pretty chaotic, darkened, yet it has every bit of sense when you listen carefully the record as a whole. The songs have that haunting melody underneath all the chaos and screams like for example my favorite Kistleden or Shulederhau. This is pure battle with inner demons and cathartic dramatic climax lived through music and in the end, when you look behind you, all the fears are gone, there is only none other than you back there! This is not the music for everyone, but those who get it and have feelings will love it!