(review) School Drugs-Modern Medicine(Indecision Records)


School Drugs are about to release their new album on Indecision Records and I listened and reviewed it for our zine.

These guys are from New Jersey and are playing hardcore in an original and inspiring way. That means 10 songs of nice mixture of early 80-ies hardcore punk like in title track or Gimme Doubt and the fast forward hardcore punk miniature Pathetic Desperate. But, there is another side to this record and that is chaotic nervous noisy hardcore not dissimilar to 90-ies hardcore heroes such as Snapcase or 108, but these guys are returning to that style making it fresh and new for the new millenia and sounding energetic, screamy, inspiring and proud to call yourself hardcore kid still after all these years. I also love the almost Cro Mags meets Black Flag style of Wash Away and chaotic sound and piano ending Joyless. Great record!